Tiffany Landry
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Hey! I'm Tiffany

I’m a trauma resolution coach + certified sex coach and I’m here to empower you towards your ecstatic wholeness and vibrancy.

My story of trauma + Wholeness

Growing up after experiencing adverse childhood experiences can disrupt our lives and impact how we experience safety, our intimate relationships and sexuality.

As a young girl, I experienced childhood trauma and constantly felt unsafe, scared and trapped. After the adverse childhood experiences ended, I remember being 16 years old, experiencing PTSD, crying, huddling in a room and being panicked that someone would touch me.

I had no words to describe what was happening to me and while I had gone to therapy, no one told me how to integrate my trauma. On the outside many things were going well. However, living with unresolved childhood trauma affected every area of my life: my self-esteem, body image, relationships and sexuality.


It even affected my vagina! Starting at the age of 12 and lasting until my early thirties, I experienced chronic yeast infections, bladder infections and vaginal pain. I secretly felt shame that my vagina was constantly sick and in pain. So I distanced myself from her.

I only looked at her when I wanted to see if she was sick (again.)

I had sex when I really didn’t feel safe enough and experienced floating out of my body and dissociating myself from it.

I desperately wanted soulful love and connecting but my inner child was still running the show and getting triggered.

It was while I was in a sexless relationship, that I realized how my own trauma had placed a spell on every corner of my life. It was when I felt so sexually broken, that I made a conscious decision to heal in a new way.

My journey towards wholeness included studying with Layla Martin, one of the best sexuality specialists in the nation. I completed her 600+ hour Sex, Love and Relationship coaching certification program through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

I also began studying with my mentor, Rachael Maddox-one of the leading coaches in trauma integration and resolution. I studied with Rachael in her Rebloom Your Business (a trauma informed training program for experienced coaches) where I learned her transformation + healing natural health blueprint coherence practices. I continue to mentor with Rachael and immerse myself in trauma integration and healing.

I healed over 19+ years of chronic vaginal pain and bladder infections doing breath work in the middle of the Mexican jungle.

I learned how to connect, love and listen to my pussy and began living orgasmically.

I integrated years of childhood trauma and began to experience wholeness and how it feels to return to my true essence.

I began to come home to myself again and again and honor my own body and heart’s deep wisdom, desires and boundaries.

I saw how the combination of trauma integration and sacred sexuality work helped me come home to who I truly was and create a life that felt balanced, rooted, pleasurable and authentic.

You can find more about my values and coaching ethics here.


Formal Bio

Tiffany Ashly Landry is a certified VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coach through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. She completed a 600+ hour certification program with Layla Martin, one of the leading sexuality specialists in the nation.

Tiffany also continues to study trauma resolution with her mentor Rachael Maddox, one of the leading trauma resolution educators in the field.

Tiffany is also a certified yoga teacher and has spent years apprenticing with flower essences. Tiffany previously owned and was the lead teacher at Soulful Yoga Madrid, a body positive yoga studio based in Madrid, Spain.

Tiffany has lived in Spain on and off since she was 16 and is bilingual in Spanish and English. She currently lives in Spain with her two adorable cats. In her free time, Tiffany loves hiking in nature, writing and exploring little towns in Spain.

Through her coaching and upcoming programs, Tiffany guides women through integrated healing and supports them to coming home to their wholeness, truth and power.