Tiffany Landry

Come home to your body, sexuality and soul



Hi, I’m Tiffany


I’m a trauma resolution coach + guide and I believe in your ability to heal and come home to your true authentic self.

To embody the soulful expression of who you truly are at your core-before trauma entered your life.

After experiencing childhood trauma as a young girl, I spent almost two decades experiencing chronic vaginal and bladder pain, unhealthy relationships and sexual experiences. I struggled until I discovered the potent combination of trauma healing + sacred sexuality. You can read more about my story here.

In my coaching I combine trauma integration with sacred sensuality to invite you back to the fierce, erotic and whole embodiment of yourself. I know that slow and integrated healing invites us back to our original self, it cultivates our wisdom, sovereignty and wholeness. It calls in a deep connection to our sexuality, natural health, relationships, creativity and power.

We’re here to come home to ourselves.

To embody our soul’s truth.

To our fierceness and erotic embodiment.

To trusting ourselves and our bodies.

To feeling whole and knowing that we belong.

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How would it feel to come home to your true self?

To experience epic trust, safety and coherence in your life and relationships?

To return to your natural blue print of health?

To tap into your own sensuality and create a connected relationship with your sexuality?

To see your chronic pain as chronic messages that you can begin to listen to and heal?

We’ll go as slowly and as deeply as works for you, always giving you options, consent and permission to stay or go at a pace that feels good in your body. You’ll experience grounded and lasting shifts and have the opportunity to heal in an integrated and grounded way.

What is trauma?

My mentor Rachael Maddox describes trauma as “an embodied hangover.” In other words, trauma is an event from your past that has gotten stuck in your body (nervous system and soul) long after the actual violation ended and influences your behavior, self-perception, mental, physical and emotional health, how you experience your relationship to yourself, others, your body, sexuality and life.

Healing trauma, coming home to yourself

Just like you have trauma imprints from unresolved trauma, you also have a unique blueprint for health. I like to think of healing trauma as integrating your trauma and restoring your body, mind and soul to it’s original essence. Returning home to your innate wholeness, wisdom and authentic voice and embodiment. When you begin to work on integrating your trauma and return to your natural blueprint of health you’ll get results like honoring your no and your yes, making sustainable choices in your life, healing your past and making loving choices for yourself from a deeply rooted place of love, sovereignty and clarity.

Coming home: Trauma Integration + Soul Embodiment COaching program

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This 12 session coaching program is my signature offer is a journey towards coming home to your body, sexuality and soul. This is for you if you’ve experienced trauma and want to:

-integrate your trauma and chronic pain

-heal your relationship with your vagina and/or your sexuality

-live from an embodied state of wisdom, joy and pleasure

This magical and potent program combines trauma resolution with sexuality tools and techniques from the Tantra and Taoist tradition.

It’s based on the three pillars of: Body, Sexuality and Soul Embodiment.


Want more information about this 1:1 coaching program? You can find that here.



“ I am integrating all the amazing work I have done with you. It has been powerful, deep and healing and beyond any other therapy I have ever engaged with. So thank you so much again for your incredible support, consistency, professionalism, intuition, love and kindness as my coach. I can’t really say enough good things to express my gratitude”-Annabel 


“Throughout our 10 sessions with Tiffany, I was able to deepen my sense of self-love and to improve my self-knowledge. The atmosphere was warm, welcoming, understanding and accepting. I was able to build up a trust relationship with Tiffany quickly thanks to her intuitive personality and level of empathy. Throughout our practises I have experienced inner peace and self-love; the benefits and recognitions were surprisingly intense and beautiful. I am so grateful for this experience!” -Annamaria